About Us

Imagifinity started off as four friends and an idea.

Have you imagined having a 3D model of yourself, that you could share with your friends? Or to shop online for clothes and try them on your 3D model to see how they would look on you before you purchase them?

The expertise of our team is focused into developing an innovative hardware and software solution to create your realistic 3D digital model and to design various services making your life better and more fun - helping you easily and more accurately find the right size for your clothes, keep track of the progress of your health program, or allowing you to play online games with your real 3D Me.

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Our Founding Team

  • Borislav Todorov
    Borislav Todorov
    Photographer / Software Developer
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  • Svetozar Dimov
    Svetozar Dimov
    Mathematician / IoT Expert
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  • Rayna Todorova
    Rayna Todorova
    Finance / Business Development Expert
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  • Dobrin Mirevski
    Dobrin Mirevski
    International Business Developer
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